ICB Approved installer of the following roofing membranes.

ICB supplies a wide range of eco-friendly roofing membranes, suitable for flat, pitched or barrelled rooftops. Providing essential protection, these products guard structures against the dangers of water, root and climate damage, ensuring a long lifetime to the substrate.

With life expectancies of over thirty years, many of the products are fully recyclable and may be overlaid when replaced. Combined with a reliance on recycled and sustainable materials and an avoidance of harmful agents such as plasticisers, the market proven membranes offered by ICB offer superior protection with minimal environmental impact.



Free from halogens, bitumen, chlorine and plasticisers, EVALASTIC® is the eco-friendly roofing membrane of choice.

Extensively market tested since 1986, EVALASTIC® shows superb long term performance. Produced from hardy Ethylene-Propylene-Copolymer (EPDM/PP synthetic rubber), it offers excellent resistance to roots, chemicals and the climate. Fully compatible with bitumen, it also holds good low temperature flexibility.

EVALASTIC® meets all contemporary fire regulations and is supported by ISO 9000, DIN and EN standards for safety and quality.

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The EVALON® range from alwitra® is a versatile group of hard wearing single ply membranes. Suitable for any shape of roofing as part of either new build or refurbishment projects, it offers green high performance to users.

Featuring exceptional longevity and 100% recyclable, EVALON® membranes are perfect for sustainable projects. They are all supported by the highest industry standards, including ISO 9000, DIN and BBA.

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XTEVA® is a superior thermoplastic roofing membrane constructed from established materials that have proved their worth over four decades of usage on the most difficult applications.

A combination of EVA and PVC makes XTEVA® an exceptionally stable product with an extensive lifespan. The careful balance of materials and the production process result in a very strong membrane that features high levels of flexibility, meaning that XTEVA® is able to easily accommodate the dynamic shift of buildings.

Bitumen compatible, it is perfect for either new build or refurbishment applications. It can be used on exposed roof areas though is equally suitable for ballasted roofs, such as those beneath paving or decking.

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FiberTite is a single ply membrane built to the highest technical specifications. Offering supreme performance, it has been applied and specified on some of the world's most prestigious buildings.

It consists of high grade woven polyester coated with Elvaloy®, a hard wearing Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE). Suitable for every type of flat roofing project, it exhibits superior resistance to tearing and puncturing, fungus, algae and fire alongside excellent sustainability.

FiberTite is approved by the BBA for its quality standards.

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